Fluer de Carbonnel Merlot


History and years of experience work their essential magic on wines. We have this in abundance with ‘terroir’ which is rich with tradition and ‘savoir-faire’. 7 Generations of wine-makers have brought their unique style and skill to the Domaine. The 110 hectares of vineyard located between Bordeaux and Angouleme was created in 1848. With generations of vinification knowledge, Mathieu Bertrand, the wine maker uses both traditional and modern techniques, which enable us to express the myriad qualities of our authentic wines.

Tasting Notes:

Grape Variety: 100% Merlot

Wine of origin: Wine of France

Vintage: 2015

Alc. by Vol: 12.8%

Taste: Structured and supple,with ripe red berry flavors and hints of pepper and spices. It delivers toasted and vanilla notes, due to partial aging in oak casks, followed by a velvety finale.