Chateau Grand Monteil


Region/Appellation: Bordeaux Superieur 

Country Hierarchy: Bordeaux, France

Grape/Blend: Bordeaux Blend Red

Food Suggestion: Beef and Venison

Wine Style: Red – Savory and Classic

Bordeaux Superieur wines are, as their name implies, a slightly “superior” form of standard Bordeaux AOC wines. The supérieur appellation is open to both red and white wines from anywhere in the Bordeaux region, which stretches 80 miles (130km) from Sainte-Foy in the east to the very north-western tip of the Medoc.

Bordeaux Superieur wines are produced from the classic Bordeaux grape varieties. The reds rely heavily on Cabernet SauvignonMerlot and Cabernet Franc with smaller quantities of Malbec and Petit Verdot. Very occasionally, a splash of Bordeaux’s long-lost Carmenere might also find its way into the blend, but only a handful of the region’s vineyards are growing the variety.